Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Creativity Share: Animated Short Films

On this Monday next, we're probably going to Bear's Place to see the Animated Short Films that have been nominated for the Academy Award.

I'm not a huge fan of animation nor am I crazy about short films, but we're probably going to see these movies on Monday night.  If you're interested, come on along.

We were going to see a German movie this week, but then we found out that the movie was 2 hours and 45 minutes long and we decided to pass.  I'm not crazy about the shorts, nor the longs, for that matter.

As you know, we've seen all 8 of the films nominated for best picture. We saw the sniper movie last weekend.  I thought it made war look hideous and insane.  Others think it glorified war. (Others by the name of Husbandman).  So that whole conversation is better left undiscussed.  Controversy aside, I really hope the sniper movie does not win the Academy Award.  I will be happy if Selma or Grand Budapest Hotel or Theory of Everything wins the academy award. I'll be unhappy if Whiplash or the sniper movie wins. Perfectly content if any of the remaining 3 brings home the statuette. 2014 was a pretty good film year, as film years go.

Thursday Creativity Share.  Future films.  Past films. A picture of a boy I learned how to draw. Not the best, nor the worst.  But pretty good, when you think about it.


KC said...

I love this boy.

LH said...

I think he's really sweet. I've drawn him a couple of times now. I'll probably draw him again today, if I get a few extra minutes.