Monday, January 19, 2015

The Independent Film Review: Battered Bastards of Baseball

We watched an independent film about baseball this weekend.  It's a documentary about the Portland Mavericks and their owner, Bing Russell.  Bing Russell was Kurt Russell's dad.  I had a crush on Kurt Russell when I was a young girl because he was in a lot of Disney movies.

Me:  Husbandman, what did you think of the film?
Hm:  I enjoyed it.  It really showed one person's love for the game of baseball and revealed the heavy handedness of major league baseball.
Me:  Were you aware of the Mavericks when they were playing?
Hm:  No.
Me:  Do you think the players were actually good athletes?
Hm:  Yeah.  Certainly, Jim Bouten was.  They had to have been to have won as many games as they did.
Me:  The film kind of showed them as being clownish, using tricks or distractions to win.
Hm:  I don't agree.  I didn't see instances of that.  They were clowning around with each other in the locker room.
Me:  Well, maybe pay better attention next time when you watch a film.
Hm:  Does that include waking you up in the middle?
Me:  Fist of 5?
Hm:  I'm going to give it a 4.
Me:  I'll give it a 5.  I used to have a crush on Kurt Russell when I was a kid because he was in so many Disney movies. His dad was an interesting guy. Go Bing.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great movie. Thanks for reviewing it!

KC said...

Have you seen Kurt Russell in Miracle? I loved him in that.

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