Friday, January 09, 2015

The Napkins

Thanks to Husbandman I have a lovely lunch packed for me every day.  Thanks to 20 Something I have a brand new Rosie the Riveter lunchbox for this lunch. And a thankful shout out to #1 for liking my instagram photo of said lunchbox.

I was so delighted with my lunchbox yesterday.  Everything looked so neat and cheerful in there when I opened it up.  That's when I got an idea.  Let's make lunch even a little more awesome.  I emailed Husbandman right away with the request, "I'd like to have special surprises in my lunch three days a week."

Husbandman wrote back quickly.  "Extra napkins on Monday, Wednesday and Friday."

I have to schedule some time to talk with Husbandman about what "special surprises" might entail. I don't want to get too specific; otherwise the surprises won't be super surprising.  But we've got to start somewhere.


unabashed liberal said...

Since Husbandman makes your lunch every day, everyday your lunch is a surprise and now you want more of a surprise several times a week. Husbandman is setting a very high standard for those of us who are also husbands but not so attentive.

mm said...

I think Husbandman new of your intent with surprises even though his reply seems to say otherwise. I'm sure to quite sure that all will go well with your lunch. I was hoping for an attached photo of the lunchbox.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to tell Phil that Peter is making your lunch. He's trying to be as good as Peter...

LH said...

Great news, everyone. I found a tootsie roll in my lunch yesterday. You can't imagine my glee upon finding this special surprise.

Lunch in 2015 is going to rock.

KC said...

It's the least Pedro can do.