Monday, January 05, 2015

The Critics

Last night we watched Life Itself, the documentary about Roger Ebert.  It was phenomenal.  I keep thinking that Husbandman and I might eventually have a movie review show, similar to Siskel and Ebert.  Also, KC and I have been talking about creating a podcast about our teaching lives. Taking to the airwaves in 2015, by hook or by crook.  Just for the fun of it.

 But here's  the burning question of the day.  The Bachelor starts tonight and I usually live tweet that hideous show.  Common sense is screaming at me to avoid The Bachelor like the plague, but my fun side is saying, "Go for it.  You won't regret it. Much."  So we've got to figure that out today.  On my way to work.  I hope work is fun today.


mm said...

I've never watched the Bachelor, but I feel the need to try to watch this season since the guy is from God's Country. I'm going to give it a try.

Ms. W. said...

I already commented on this and my comment is gone. This makes me sad. I said, Watch the Bachelor.