Thursday, January 08, 2015

Thursday Creativity Share: Crazy Horse Monument

Did you know that a huge memorial to Crazy Horse is being built in the Black Hills of North Dakota? People have been working on this sculpture for over 50 years and if it is ever completed, it will probably be the largest sculpture in the world.

We watched a DVD called Hello U.S.A.!: The Midwest! and that's where I learned about it. It's going to be massive.  Bigger than Mt. Rushmore by far.  I'm finding not too much information about the completion date of said monument, but we can still visit if we want to. There are multiple perspectives being shared about the site, so I'm going to have to take some time to reflect on this creative project. But in any case, friends who are driving here to visit us may want to drop by the Black Hills of North Dakota to see what I like to call the potential 9th Wonder of the World.

Thursday Creativity Share.  A monument that's slowly being built in the Black Hills of North Dakota.  A hand drawn illustration of a tragic, albeit ludicrous, event.  Will wonders never cease?


KC said...

I have seen the Crazy Horse Monument! Because my family used to do long road trips west. And we journeyed through the Black Hills on numerous occasions. AND, i love that pic of u under the tree. Especially Peter on the side. "Oh no!"

mm said...

Although I already had a mental picture of you under the tree, the visual is fun. LH you always put the ZING in amazing.