Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Tips

We saw Big Eyes last night.  Husbandman liked it.  He said, "I thought it was an interesting story, I especially liked Amy Adams.  I wasn't totally sold on Christoph Waltz.  I was relieved Tim Burton played it fairly straight, which was good."

We haven't been seeing many independent films lately, so I'll just give you this partial review of a big budget film.  First of all, I liked Waltz's performance.  And B., I remember the Big Eyes prints all over the place when I was a youngster. I'm not sure why people liked them so much. That's the mystery of the day.  When I wonder about this aloud, Husbandman says, "Why do people like boy bands?"

    In response, I ask him, "Are you saying One Direction isn't good?  Because they totally are."

I will ponder about the Big Eyes Waifs today as I work on the report cards.  The new report cards are a disaster, imho, but work on them I must and work on them I will.


KC said...

I love the review segments, even of big budget films. Perhaps play HM some representative OneD works to show him how skilled they are. I like "Story of My Life"

Mary Childs said...

We saw "Big Eyes" on Friday, too. I also remember them when they were seemingly everywhere. One of the people in our group of four remembers having one to two. And she was surprised I didn't. Guess I always thought they were a little creepy. We all enjoyed the film though.

Anonymous said...

I count on the review segments!!