Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Ludicrosity

The Thirdlanders get a big kick out of my fun antics.  This week I told them about a ludicrous thing I did when dismantling our holiday tree.  After we took off all the bulbs and lights, Husbandman left the room for a few moments.  That's when I, for some reason, got on the floor and started unscrewing the tree from the base.  Come to find out, the tree started falling down on top of me as gallons of water that had been sloshing inside the tree stand gushed out in torrents all over our living room.  I yelled for help and Husbandman did arrive to ask why I had done what I did.  I couldn't really answer because the action was ludicrous which means foolish and ridiculous. There was no reason on God's green earth to unscrew the tree with no one there to help me hold the tree upright.  Took quite awhile to get the water and the assorted debris cleaned up and discarded.  Since ludicrous was our vocabulary word this week, the kiddos illustrated it with pictures of me stuck under a tree calling for help. Their illustrations are quite good.  I'll try to share them soon.  But the long and the short of this whole thing is... think it through before you just haul off and do something that makes not a lick of sense. Think it through.


mm said...

I find ludicrous to be a needed vocabulary word in my life.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. I'm glad HM heard your cries of help!

KC said...

I laughed so hard thinking of the drawings of you under the tree. I can't wait to see. But I am sorry if this event caused you distress.

cb said...

Your telling of this story and imaging the drawings do make me laugh. The actual incident was probably not very funny, at the time.

On the bright side, you might have avoided some of the immediate "now the tree is gone and Christmas is over" melancholy.

Happy new year, Dr. H!

jdoc said...

Yeah, we need to see the drawings.