Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Schedule

This year is really flying by.  It's already January 3.  If you haven't seen Imitation Game yet, you should probably go out and see it. If you feel like it. 

I've been seeing quite a few bluebirds lately.  Which has gotten me to wondering about whether these bluebirds are from around here or are they just passing through.  Come to find out, these bluebirds may live here year round, or they may be migrating.  Bluebirds are "partial migrants,"  a fact I find fascinating:

There is a certain percentage of eastern bluebirds that make no attempt to migrate south for the winter. Many researchers believe that weather has little to do with the number of non-migrating bluebirds. They believe instead that migration has a genetic basis, with some individual birds programmed to migrate and others not.

On a more serious note, most bluebirds perish in their first year, but luckier bluebirds can live 6 to 10 years.  


Anonymous said...

First of all and probably most importantly, I love this picture. Sheesh! It's awesome. And the info about bluebirds is so appreciated.

Mary Moeller said...

Bluebirds are similar to seniors. Some migrate and some stay put.

KC said...

I really love the photo, too. And I didn't know this about BBs either. This blog is so informative and entertaining.