Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Knee

If you have preacher's knee, you know it's not a heck of a lot of fun.

I've diagnosed myself with preacher's knee.  Here are my symptoms.  Let's just say I'm sitting on the ground working with a Thirdlander.  Perhaps we're going over some of her writing.  Or perhaps we're working with some math manipulatives. At some point, I decide to regain verticality.   I'll begin to verticalize, which may put my knees in kind of a quasi-kneeling position.  One knee, which just so happens to be my left knee, gets a sudden shooting pain in a specific spot.  It feels as if I've pressed my knee hard into a stray lego piece that's on the ground.  It also feels like someone took a gun and shot a bullet right into the side of my knee.

When I regain verticality, my knee no longer hurts.  My knee doesn't hurt except when it's pressed to the ground in a quasi kneeling position.  This is called preacher's knee.  My preacher's knee will improve if I remember to stop kneeling on it for about six months.

In conclusion, I wish I did not have preacher's knee.


mm said...

I'm sorry about the knee stuff, but thanks for the great links!

KC said...

This isn't a good situation. However, I'm glad I now know about it.

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