Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday Creativity Share: Je Suis Charlie

First there was a satirical picture of the prophet.  Then there was a terrorist attack killing 12 people, some of them involved with the creation of that satirical picture.  Later, artists responded creatively and you can see some of their images here. Creativity is powerful, as we all know.

 On NPR yesterday, I heard a Muslim leader saying that even though satirical pictures of the prophet are hurtful and offensive to Muslims, there should never be a violent response to such imagery, but all should follow the message of the prophet and respond with compassion, mercy and love.  Mercy and love are super powerful too.


mm said...

One can't go wrong with compassion, mercy and love.

KC said...

Let's add empathy, too. Compassion, mercy, love, and empathy. That's really all we need.

LH said...

I shared these with the Thirdlanders yesterday. Good follow up to our talk about non - violence versus violence after reading I've Been to the Promised Land by Walter Dean Myers.