Monday, January 26, 2015

The Tuning

I saw this lizard at the pet store last week.  He really impressed me with his stillness.  This guy can hold a pose like a granite statue.  In contrast, the parakeets can't seem to keep still at all.  We can learn a great lesson from the lizard.  Just stay still.  Don't get all ruffled up.  Thank you Lizard for these life lessons.  My goal and yours for the week is to focus on standing still whenever you remember to do so.  Just hold the phone on everything and take a breath. Check out what's going on around you without rushing into action.

Did you remember that I'm making my own goals and yours as well on Mondays sometimes?  This can save you some time and energy.


mm said...

I hope this little guy now lives in your classroom.

LH said...

He's stuck in a cage in the pet shop. I think he's handling it pretty well. How are you doing with watching The Bachelor?

KC said...

This is good advice.