Tuesday, January 13, 2015



So it's that time of the week once again, the time we all like to call #TwinTuesday.  You're probably not expecting a small wooden object and some sugar.  Make of it what you will.  

 A kid in my class found the button on the ground and turned it in to me.  When I had it in my hand, I said, "I love this button and now it is mine." 
     "You should probably ask if it belongs to someone else," the Thirdlander said, a look of shocked concern on her face. 
       I didn't tell her that what I should do and what I actually do are often two very different things. 
Role model, and all that. 


mm said...

I love the reaction of the third grader!

jdoc said...

This makes me think about my favorite line from Frog and Toad: "The world is full of buttons and not one of them is mine!" Or something like that. Good stuff all around.