Saturday, February 01, 2014

Let's go.

Tr: Bo nelech.

We are in the Brussels airport.  A bunch of people at a nearby gate are going to Yaounde.  I have never heard of this place, and I blame my country's educational system for this deficit in my geographical knowledge.

There's an empty gate nearby and Husbandman and I are tempted to go use the microphone to make some playful announcements.  One announcement that could be fun would go something like this:

Airport passengers.  There is now an additional 20 Euro charge for all flights leaving Brussels within the next 2 hours.  If you are interested in boarding your flight, please bring 20 Euros in cash right away to Gate 38B.  We can not accept credit cards at this time.

Back to Haifa today, our home away from home.  Farewell, Belgium.  You're really doing a great job from what I can see.


mm said...

The euros you collected from your prank may not have been worth the escort you may have been given. Stay safe!

LH said...

I'm in a cranked out mood because this has been the longest travel day on record. We're in the airport in Istanbul. I feel like sticking my gum in someone's hair.

LH said...

Back in our Haifa home. 1:43 am. A long travel day but everything went pretty smoothly.

Anonymous said...

How will you choose whose hair in which to stick the gum?

KC said...

This money making scheme is GENIUS. I wish you'd tried it.