Sunday, February 02, 2014

I don't have many problems.

Tr:  Ein li harbe be'ayot.

I love this gal's hair so much.
Why can't my hair be springy?

We are home again and I'm glad to report that I'm participating in a February blog challenge created by Miscellaneous Missives.  Join in if you want. It should be fun.

It's about what people of all ages need to know.  I'm sub-titling this challenge "On a Need to Know Basis." Lots of potential for blog topics with this theme.  Add your own need-to-knows in the comments if you feel like it.

After seeing 12 Years a Slave, (very intense, very good, see it if you want) Husbandman and I wondered how many African Americans were free in the 1800s like Solomon Northrup?  Turns out there were quite a lot.  By the civil war time, 10% of African Americans (about half a million people) living in the U.S. were free and over half of these people lived in the south, mostly in cities. There were actually free black people in the U.S. from day one in the 1600's.  Pass this article along to anyone who you feels needs to know the complexities of our history, which is everybody.


mm said...

I love the quote in your last link. We all need to know.
I agree that the movie was v. intense and v. good.

Anonymous said...

I need to read this article asap. I'm growing weary of the cold. We need a little snow to shake things up a little.

KC said...

We should all see the movie. Let's be honest here. That one's a must-see.

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