Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bad but not terrible

Tr:  Rah, aval lo norah.

Today my mood lightened up considerably.  I'm back in the swing. So, long story short---no need to avoid vacations.  You just need to know that it takes awhile to get back into the work groove after a vacation.  Don't panic and remember to set the timer for short intervals.

Here's another thing you need to know.  We have a dear friend by the name of Sam Quinones who is a journalist and an author and he was on PBS NEWSHOUR yesterday talking about heroin and prescription drug abuse.  These things are horrible, so please avoid both, if you can.  Sam is brilliant on the show and his new book on the topic should be out by the end of 2014 I think.  Husbandman and I are extremely proud of our pal Sam.  #OnANeedtoKnowBasisBloggingChallenge readers, you need to know him as well, if you don't already know him.


KC said...

I'll be honest and say that this guy seems extremely cool. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

You need to know that Indiana weather sucks right now and it is snowing, AGAIN! We will prob be delayed or cancelled and when you come back will you sub for me cause we will most likely still be in school?!

mm said...

I didn't already know him... thanks for the introduction.

Anonymous said...

I think I met him one time at your house. I'm just gonna call him my friend as well and be very proud.

It's just snowing up a storm outside. Holy Smokes Batman. I barely made it home from school. It was quite the adventure. I know my house is only about .5 mile away from school but it was terrifying.

Sam Quinones said...

Hey Lee and readers, i'm more proud to have shown up on ALittleLeeway than on all interview shows combined, as they tend to want to know everything there is about something in 3-4 minutes and I know that's not true with you. Also, you enter a parallel universe that you don't realize exists until then....Here's an anecdote your readers will love to read: ... I was once interviewed by Larry King, alongside Eddie James Olmos and Tom The Anti-Immigrant Congressman from Colorado. a couple minutes in, Larry called me Tom by mistake. Eddie and I corrected him. Then, a minute later, he was speaking to Tom Congressman, and said, Tom, and I interrupted him and loudly said, hey, my name's Sam, not realizing he was speaking to Tom Congressman. This really happened. 6 million people were watching. But what was really interesting was that I noticed that when he'd ask a question, leaning forward on his elbows, he was Larry. Then when he would sit back in his chair, off camera, to listen to the answer and he would quickly transform into an Iguana. This also really happened! He did. I felt like Hunter S.Thompson,and looked around to see if anyone else noticed the transformation. He was an iguana until it came time to ask another question. One of which was, "Sam, should we send in troops?" (to Mexico now that the cartels were out of control). I let him know that I was a reporter and not president of the US of A and therefore wasn't sending troops anywhere. But by then he was freaking me out by leaning back and turning into an iguana again and so he may not have been understanding. So I'm much happier with my Lee blog mentions, as I assume you are not turning into an iguana as you read this, like Larry.

LH said...

Sam, Get this.
One time I was walking in Jaffa, (Israel) and I saw a lizard and the lizard's face looked kind of like Larry King's face and I said to it, "Are you by chance related to Larry King?" and the lizard nodded its head and then scurried off. WILD!

Sam Quinones said...

i totally believe that. since that moment, i, too, no longer look at reptiles in the same way.

LH said...

On an unrelated note, I'm kind of mad about the people in the Copenhagen Zoo killing that young giraffe.