Saturday, February 15, 2014

I can go now.

Tr:  Ani yekhola lalekhet akhshav.

I'm going to hand out some free advice that a few bloggers need to know.  You know who you are.  Listen up, this is going to change your lives.  I'm discovering that some of you aren't blogging because you're caring too much about creating quality blog posts. (Not you, Pronto). For most of you, perfectionism is holding you back and keeping your readers out in the cold, which is a little frustrating.  Here are some tips for getting back into the blogging groove.

First off, phone it in.  Set a timer for one minute and write the first sentence that comes into your head. Treat your blog as you would a tweet. Throw perfectionism in the trash. Try to write the worst blog entries you can.  That's what I do and it's working out fine.

How hard is it to open up the computer and write down a random thought or two on your blog? These thoughts don't even have to be connected to reality. Here.  I'll show you.

  • I used to be an Olympic skier, but I only medaled once and it was a bronze, so I don't like to tell people about it.
  • I saw Robo Cop last night.  Really good.  If you want to see it, you should.
  • The Koreans have kind of an attractive flag. 
  • Husbandman has turned into quite the bookworm this year.  I'm a wee bit annoyed with his constant reading and holier than thou literacy attitude.
So that took about 4 minutes and any reader would be happy to click on your blog and see any one of these interesting ideas, as opposed to wasting their time clicking on your blog to find zip written there yet again. Not trying to pressure anyone, just stating facts.  Let's go people.


Anonymous said...

I am always happy to click on your blog and read your wonderful thoughts and ideas.

mm said...

I live in Minnesota and hate hockey. That's my one sentence. Nice job motivating people to blog.

LH said...

Thanks, JW. Your readership and your friendship mean the WORLD to me, AYVWK (as you very well know). (I just invented some new texting talk).

MM, great sentence. it covers a lot of ground and makes me want to know more. Way to demonstrate quality blogging to our readers, kiddo.

KC said...

Excellent and illustrative. I hope the bloggers are inspired to just write crappy stuff. That's always been my strategy. You, LH, have a little advantage because you come up with great stuff even in four minutes. Not everyone can do that.

LH said...

Thanks, KC. These 4 sentences were actually pretty awesome, weren't they? Luck of the draw I guess.

Anonymous said...

I ❤️ you and your blog!

Sarah M.

LH said...

<3 U 2, SM!

mc said...

How did you know? The perfection part? So I started a new blog:

Is it okay if I add your blog to my blogroll?

Thanks for the motivation or wakeup call or whatever...
:-) Mary

LH said...

Awesome, MC!!!! Yes of course! I will go over and read your new blog now!