Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I need a large latte now.

Tr:  Ani tsrikha latte gadol akhshuv.
Great coffee shop writing day.  I even had time to write a one sentence story which you can read below:

"This day's going to be weird," said Sierra as she walked to Starbucks carrying the capuchin monkey she had just bought for ten bucks from the young woman on the corner. 

The need to know part of this story is this:  Capuchins don't make good pets.  Don't buy exotic animals if at all possible. 


mm said...

I would think a capuchin monkey would cost more than ten dollars.

LH said...

You would be thinking correctly, MM. The low price of this monkey is part of the mystery of the tale.

Anonymous said...

Love this one sentence and disclaimer!!! The pic is just beautiful. I think you know what I'm looking at through my window this morning. :)

I do love snow but I do love my summers, too.


KC said...

The one-sentence stories are inspiring. Super creative, too. Good work on the sankalpa.

LH said...

Thanks, jw and kc. The one sentence stories take a long time to write, you might be surprised to know. Next year my sankalpa might be something about time on task.

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