Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Sankalpa Day 7

Anish Kapoor, Israel Museum
 I'm going to be honest, I didn't feel courageous today.  Rather I felt kind of like a huge dork with no ideas, a flat tax time waster, a veritable wastrel.  As time slipped by, I focused on past transgressions and yes, even did some self loathing.

With a Sankalpa, the self-loathing that comes from dwelling on past transgressions can begin to dissolve. In its place is an exercise in effort and surrender—create an intention and open yourself to the universe.

On the good side, I did take a slog and it was sunny and warm.  And I'm perking up now, heading to a movie.  Tomorrow's a new day.  I'm going to be open to the universe, if possible.


mm said...

Wow! Look at that photo...

Keep sloggin my friend!

Ms. W. said...

Oh dear. Focus on the positive: the slog and the photo are superb.

LH said...

Feeling much more capable today. Got an early start and I'm at the coffee shop. Looking forward and staying open to the universe. I'm working at a table up against a huge window, looking out over sunny Haifa. FYI

Anonymous said...

Patience. Patience. Patience. With yourself. I'll share my OLW w u today.