Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm here again because I need something.

Tr:  Ani po shuv ki ani tzarikh mashehu.

It's pack attack time. In the wee hours of the morning, we'll be heading to Brussels.  We'll then take a train to Aachen, Germany. Husbandman will work.  I'll walk around and have a fun day at a spa.  Then we'll take a train to Bruges, Belgium for 2 days of exploring.  It's going to be a quick trip, but probably a great one.

Have you ever heard of the Carmelite monks?  Well, the Carmelites started out right here in Haifa, a long time ago, maybe around 700.  Not sure. Anyway, we went to their monastery today and visited their beautiful church, Stella Maris.

And have you ever heard of the prophet Elijah?  From the Old Testament? He lived on Mt. Carmel in some caves.  This isn't his cave, but this cave is near his cave.  

And have you ever heard of ossuaries?  Ossuaries are little bone boxes.  After someone died way 

back when around the year 0, their family would bury their body and then about a year later take 
their bones and put them in an ossuary.  I like these ossuaries a lot.  I asked Husbandman if he could keep my bones in an ossuary and he just said, "Not going to happen," and walked off to look at something else.  We were in the glorious Hecht Museum.  

Not sure I've told you all how much I LOVE living in Haifa! The sentiment merits repeating.  Haifa Metzuyan!  (Haifa's excellent!)

Now I have to pack, which as you all know is an activity I do not care for.  Husbandman is being Mr. Perfect, and has packed already, which gets on my last nerve. 


unabashed liberal said...

Jane says exactly the same thing about me. It really gets on her nerves that I can pack quickly and she hates to pack and as a result takes forever. We love your blog. What an adventure you are having.

mm said...

You have the best pictures.

KC said...

It's true about UL and Jane.

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