Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Remember at the beginning of 2013 when we learned about sankalpa?  I'm thinking about doing that challenge again.  I think it involves 24 posts.  It involves letting go of stuff.  It involves making a goal of sorts and saying it every day.  I honestly can't remember the details, but join me in this month of discovery if you feel like it. And if you're busy, no worries.  But make sure to read about my sankalpa as often as you can.  I'm thinking of working with COURAGE as my sankalpa this year.  Experimenting with courage, nerve, grit, resolve.  Let's see how it goes.

Happy New Year, Pallies! 2014 is going to be a lucky year. I know this because the digits in 2014 add up to 7 and I minored in Numerology at UC Berkeley.


Anonymous said...

I went back and reread Julie's posts to remember about the sankalpa. I love the idea of courage for you. You already have been working with it through your work and move this year- love it! I shall be reading faithfully, as always!

KC said...

I'm in for sankalpa. My sankalpa is going to be about intentionality, deliberateness, thoughtfulness, etc. We'll see how it goes.

mm said...

I'm considering...
I, of course, will read and comment!

Anonymous said...

I think reading about your courage will give me courage. Carry on!