Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sankalpa Day 18

Picture Mary and the angel Gabriel having a chat here.
Church of the Annunciation

Husbandman's caption, "I was going to bring brownies, but...."
We went to the Mane Katz Museum today and learned about the Jewish School of Paris.  Jewish artists studied in Paris and then some of them went to live in Tel Aviv after WWII.  One of these artists said something like this.... We want to create our own Montparnasse here in Tel Aviv, not a Montparnasse of cafes, but a Montparnasse of creativity.  This is not an exact quote, but I've communicated the idea with confidence and I love the idea very much.  Creativity is part of my sankalpa, so I feel I would have fit right in with this group of cool artists.  They would have truly enjoyed having me around and I'm sure I would have learned a lot from them.  After Mane Katz we went to the beach at Habonim. On the way I read about Chaim Soutine to Husbandman.  When I first told Husbandman I was going to read to him about Chaim Soutine, he muttered, "Damn it," but then he seemed to listen attentively to the information I shared. Another beautiful sunny day in Israel.  I took some creative pictures and though we could not find the Blue Cave we were looking for because our map was only in Hebrew, our time there was naim meod.  (Very Pleasant).  We loved every second.


mm said...

Husbandman must also be working on creativity, or maybe he always responds with creativity.

KC said...

Damn it! He and Pronto are going to love each other so much. We're having dinner all together when you're here, right? RIGHT??

LH said...

Yes, let's go somewhere kind of expensive.

LH said...

MM, I sometimes wish he weren't so creative in sacred spaces. We could not stop laughing about the brownies comment.

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