Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sankalpa Day 15

This morning I got creative and wrote a speed story. Tonight I'm getting confident, posting it on this blog.

Harriet Harrison wears a snood all day, on account of her localized hypertrichosis. Each night she buzzes her locks away.  The next morning she pops on her snood on her way out the door and proceeds through her day, puffing up the snood as the minutes tick by.  Harriet donates her hair at the Classy Clips Salon on Saturday mornings.  Though it’s a habit now, it still feels weird to her. Why on earth would anyone want all this extra hair, she wonders.  If I could be bald and stay bald, I’d be thrilled.  


Anonymous said...

Speed stories. I can't keep up!

mm said...

Is it bad that I had to look up snood?

LH said...

Nance, just a little genre I invented yesterday.

You know how I like to do that.

Snood is a great word, and I'm very glad you now can throw it around too, MM.