Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sankalpa Day 23

Note the look of determination on his face.

As you all know, it's time for the Thursday Creativity Share.

I was inspired by Ira Glass's words to stay the course when you're starting out. When you know your ideas aren't that great, keep working.  Don't give up. It takes time to get a handle on what you're doing.  Like with my goal to be a great artist some day.  I know this sketch isn't that great, but I'm going to keep plugging along. I'm going to pay attention to smarties who have been on the creative journey for awhile now.

Like Michael Nobbs over on the awesome Sustainably Creative blog.

Also, writer Paul Kilduff who shares his cartoons on Facebook.  You should like his page.  It always makes me laugh.  (Full disclosure:  He's one of our bff's.)  (Why would that matter anyway?) (Just look at his cartoons). (Give me a break with this disclosure business).

And artist Marja Inez who has a great tumblr that I follow and adore.

Lastly, good news, my college roommate, Maira Kalman, has a new book out!  It's about Thomas Jefferson. Can not tell you how happy I am about this.  Kudos, Maira!

Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap. The day begins. I'm moving into my important work, with confident creativity and creative confidence.


Anonymous said...

I can totally see his look of determination. It's like 16 below zero outside if you take into account the wind chill factor. And there are some crazy things happening. Crazy.

mm said...

Ira Glass... what's your favorite American Life story... I'm using one on middle school next week

Anonymous said...

Love the pic.

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Mom I feel like it's kind of rude to your actual college roommates, many of them loyal readers and none of them Maira Kalman, for you to give that kind of shout-out.

LH said...

JW, I'm so glad you facetimed yesterday.

MM.... I like them all. I'll try to think of a specific one that I love. Right now I'm blanking.

Thanks, N. I'm working on doodling more.

IR, I get what you're saying ,but I think my awesome roommates probably also wish that Maira lived with us. Who wouldn't???? <3!

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