Friday, January 24, 2014

Sankalpa Day 24

Napkin, Plate, Fork.  Tr:  Cake was excellent!

Landwoman brought us cake this afternoon.  This cake was something to behold. I decided to draw the empty plate next to me.  
Sankalpa challenge is coming to a close. I wish I had done more decluttering of computer files during these 24 days, but I'll keep working on that.  

Julia Cameron believes we should write affirmations and acknowledge that we already have the help we need. She has a model affirmation in her book which I will now borrow and personalize:

I'm creative and confident every day of my life.  Each day I'm shown which steps to take.  I'm supported fully and happily in my productive work.  I know exactly how to begin each day and what to do to begin correctly.  Through small exploratory actions, I decide the next right thoughts and actions to take to move my important work along to completion. 

I love the affirmative nature of the Sankalpa.  Basically, with sankalpa, you're thinking, It's in the bag!  I've got this. A nice way to start a new year.


Mary Moeller said...

I like that... we already have the help we need...

Anonymous said...

What kind of cake???

LH said...

MM... I like it too. Pleasant!

JW, the cake was kind of like a cheesecake, but had layers, with chocolate being one of them. It was rak taim. (Just delicious).

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