Saturday, January 04, 2014

Sankalpa Day 3

We've been gone for 5 months.  Our sabbatical is half over.

I really didn't need much courage today because we had a beautiful brunch at the home of Husbandman's colleague.  Then we napped and read books and now  we're watching The Talented Mr. Ripley. V. creepy. Matt Damon keeps killing people and he needs to knock it off.


mm said...

I heart Matt Damon, and I"m sorry his behavior was not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

It feels like 5 years!!!! Wah!!

Anonymous said...

Your time is half left my friend, so plenty of time. But again, I secretly and selfishly want you to get home now!

KC said...

Matty D. It's hard to believe he'd be a ruthless killer.

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