Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Sankalpa Day 8

Read about post project blues (PPB) today and figured out that's what I was experiencing yesterday.   An internet creative suggested overcoming PPB by doing one thing to move your project along each day. So I summoned up the old sankalpa, set the old timer, got started and actually made some headway. Not as much as I wanted, but that's neither here nor there.  Progress was made.

Changing the subject, we had some hairy scary moments today and I'll tell you why.  We have neither washer nor dryer here, but we drop off some clothes each week at a laundry place where the clothes are taken from us and return days later clean as a whistle. You'll be pleased to know that we're still washing  clothing in the kitchen sink each day, but we give ourselves a pass on items like denim jeans for obvious reasons.  Come to find out, our clothes went missing from the laundry place and we kept going over there, searching. The owner of the place has been out this week (visiting her family in Russia) and the worker left behind speaks no English and in fact speaks mostly Russian. We dropped in several times this week speaking our English and she would speak back in her Russian and then we'd leave without our laundry.  It was getting tense, what with Husbandman's trip to O!Canada! coming up tonight, so in dire desperation we called in LandWoman (LW) yesterday.   LW listened attentively and then told us not to worry.  Like WonderWoman of yore, presto, LW shows up tonight with our freakin' laundry!  Boom!  We just sat back in amazement.  Then LW gave us some cake.  In other words, all is swell that ends well.


Mary Moeller said...

I, of course, am happy that you have your clothing, but I am jealous that you have people that bring you cake. Enjoy... nice job with the timer!

Anonymous said...

I really need to be more helpful to other people. Please thank LW for me.

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