Monday, January 20, 2014

Sankalpa Day 20

It's time for the Monday Writing Report (MWR).  Here's the thing.  I finished up the article and the conference proposal early last week and just yesterday I got back to revising the book outline. Took a few days off, so to speak. Yesterday did not go well.  I wrote some notes, and then took a nap. Then I went to see Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit, which is great and you should see it if you want.  Starting up a new writing project, I experience a sharp, cold, daunting terror in the pit of my stomach so I've been reading a little about confidence here.  I've also been reading about James Baldwin writing in Paris.  Being a copycatter, I may emulate James Baldwin and head over to our local coffee shop this morning. Copycatting James Baldwin is going to involve a disruption of my sacred routine, but maybe that's okay.  Mix it up a bit so to speak?  


LH said...

MWR Update -- Just returned from a productive work session at local coffee shop.

I'm still noodling around, but feeling that I have some ideas. I love feeling that I have ideas.

Drank 2 large cappuccinos, so I'm feeling kind of wired. Not sure what to do now. I'll get back to you asap.

KC said...

Is it time for our writing project yet? Or, is that after the book outline? Just wondering for planning purposes.

LH said...

Yes, it's time. I'm going to work primarily on the book outline, but 15 minutes a day on our project. This is very exciting.

KC said...

Ok, I will also work 15 minutes per day on our writing project! OMG! Luckily a lot of it is already written on our wiki. Hopefully that wiki still exists.

mm said...

I think a little disruption of routine is a positive thing.

LH said...

KC, I've decided to work 20 minutes because I read about 20 minute work sessions on sustainable creativity blog.

MM, It did help. But I overdid it on the coffee. I love that little coffee shop.