Thursday, January 02, 2014

Sankalpa Day 1

This is the honey badger. 
I took a little refresher course about sankalpa over here. I really like the whole concept. I want to be stronger and more courageous and with sankalpa, I start with the belief that I already AM strong and courageous.  So...easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Case in point.  I was strong twice today.  First, I was super strong when I had to write two extra little side bar articles to submit with the main article.  Even though I was annoyed with this requirement because if they don't accept my article, I spent time on sidebars for no reason, I wrote the sidebars without further ado.  Then I had the second case of courage.  At the end of another day of working on the paper but not finishing the paper I started getting flipped out about how long this has taken me to write and how I'm so slow at everything and how if it's not accepted I'm going to jump off a bridge, etc.  But then I just decided that I'm doing everything I can and I should stay in the present moment and why not go see American Hustle and eat some popcorn?  This is the kind of strong minded approach to life I want to cultivate in 2014.  So glad to hear from Nance and KC about their sankalpas today.  We're off to a good start.


mm said...

What's Nance's blog address? I want to follow and comment.

Anonymous said...

Sorry-I haven't made it to the blogosphere yet even though Lee has enCOURAGEd me throughout the years. I do follow many blogs,love to comment, and offer writing encouragement when needed. Truth and acceptance are what I chose to bring into my life. Seems to fit.

KC said...

Nance, thanks for the update. Thanks also for the book reviews via fb. I got the audio book of Flora and Ulysses, and Mac has been listening.

Lee, way to be strong and continue to fight the good fight. And, way to know when to watch the movie.

Anonymous said...

And Kate Dicamillo is our new National Ambassodor for Young People's Literature!!!

Patience. That's my thing.

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