Friday, January 17, 2014

Sankalpa Day 17

Today was chock full of creativity and confidence.  We started out with the Roman ruins at Bet She'an.  Incredible.  Then we headed over to Nazareth.  The Church of the Annunciation contains the grotto where Mary got the news from Gabriel that she was pregnant with child.  This is the coolest church. Ruins in the basement, the rest is very modern, super beautiful.  Countries from all over the world contributed mosaics for this church.  You're going to be seeing a lot of Marys in the next few days my friends.  We also checked out a synagogue where Jesus did a bit of teaching.  Then we went to see HER, a very wonderful movie you should see if you want to.  Hayom (today) was a constant bustle of appreciating this great place we're living in this year.


mm said...

I'm excited to see the mosaics... so jealous of your adventure.

Mrs. Guinn (a.k.a. Mandie) said...

Sounds incredible!

KC said...

I love Mary, actually. This is very cool.

Anonymous said...

This is just stunning!