Thursday, January 30, 2014

Now I have a good time.

Tr:  Akhshav yesh li zman tov. (This could be wrong).

Everything in Bruges is going pretty well so far. As you can see from the photo, Bruges is a very charming place. I like Bruges and I probably always will.

Update!  I forgot that yesterday was Creativity Share Thursday.  Yesterday I read the NYT on the train and knew what I wanted to share, but then later forgot about it. What with all the hullaballoo about arriving in Bruges.  So, I woke up and decided to remedy that situation.  I now share with you the coolest photography exhibit by Shannon Jensen called A Long Walk.  Jensen says these photographs are extremely simple, but received a lot of attention because they tell the refugee story more effectively than more sophisticated photos she has taken.   Check it out.


mm said...

It does look absolutely charming and quaint.

Bill said...

Artistic photo.

KC said...

I am going to show the photos to the 6th graders in my class who were working on refugee camp coordination.

Goodwoman said...

Those photographs were powerful. I am inspired... thanks for sharing!

LH said...