Monday, January 13, 2014

Sankalpa Day 13

Though it's almost dinner time, Husbandman said he needs a little nap.  I told him it had to be a short one because I have this overwhelming desire to go to the pub and have a scotch.  This overwhelming creative desire comes over me about once a year and today's the day.  On his way toward his nap, I heard Husbandman murmuring, "There are people who don't understand me and there are people who do understand me, but the people who do understand me often either overestimate me or underestimate me."  

Okay, not sure at all which category I fall into, but I do know this.  Husbandman will be waking from the nap soon to drive me to the pub.  I wish our pals could meet us there.  This means you.
#1 Son's Big Purchase from the Old City.


mm said...

Enjoy your scotch!

bluebirdwoman said...

Q looks awesome. Read today's HT. The View rises up. The district sinks.

LH said...

Omg. I'm inspired!

Watch! All new administrators should watch this video

Anonymous said...

Love this pic. And tell PS I know how he feels.

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