Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sankalpa Day 19

I'm trying hard to remember if I did anything with confidence or creativity today.  The sad answer is no.  I was feeling punky so I just noodled about aimlessly.

In the evening we went with our friend to see Jack Ryan:  Shadow Recruit.  Let me tell you, this movie did not disappoint.  Jack Ryan is pretty quick on his feet and he saved the U.S. from a big catastrophe.  See it if you feel like it.  Especially if you're in the mood for some action and adventure.

Our landman planted flowers today.  Mostly cyclamen, in pots all over his garden.  Really beautiful.


mm said...

Merely posting this photo to the side is creativity!

LH said...

It's a start, I guess!

KC said...

Think I might take Shef to the Jack Ryan movie.

LH said...

Yeah, it's a good one.