Wednesday, November 13, 2013

There's a good book store, so I want to buy a book and also a map.

Tr:  Yesh khanut sfarim tov, az ani rotsa to buy sefer ve gam map.
We have a book about Jerusalem but we want another one because we're heading there tomorrow and we don't really care for our book. We are doing the vacation rental by owner thing, for the first time ever.  So excited. Husbandman's going to talk at a university, and my plan is to walk along the ramparts in the old city.  I've been to Jerusalem twice and both times I've wanted to walk along the ramparts, but I haven't gotten the job done.  Nothing's getting in my way tomorrow people.  I hope. When I was a kid, I thought the national anthem said, "Oh the ramparts we washed..." so I thought ramparts were some type of fabric.  Glad that's been straightened up. Ramparts rock. We also get to see our fabulous niece.  It will all be na'im me'od.  Very pleasant.


Anonymous said...

You are going to have a great day and I'm so impressed with the Hebrew that's swirling around in your head.

jdoc said...

I'm impressed by the language acquisition, too. Great job! What are ramparts, btw?

LH said...

I guess someone named Sam needs the playskool castle with all the knights ASAP!

Click here, my friend:

mar said...

Have a great time with your neice! I really enjoyed meeting your cousin and her daughter Maggie! Missing you!

mar said...

Oops-make that niece!