Saturday, November 09, 2013

I understand what you say.

Tr: Ani Mevina what you say.

Great White Pelicans, stopping over on their way to Africa.
Enough Said.  This is the movie we saw yesterday.  It's a wonderful movie and if you feel like seeing it, go ahead and see it.  There are characters in this movie who have children who are going away to college. Most of the time I laughed and enjoyed this movie, but I cried once because a kid leaving home can make me remember some tough times. Whenever I see a movie with this theme, I'm a little startled that other people go through this conundrum, this very conundrum of which I tend to think I was the sole inventor and owner. Going away this year has helped me to get over the empty nest hump.  So my suggestion is that parents should go away at the same time as kids. I have no idea why no one has thought about this before. It's so obvious.

Anyway, the movie is quite good but another sad thing about it is that James Gandolfini is lovely in it, and of course he died soon after making this movie, so it feels sad to watch his performance.  I miss James Gandolfini.

Today we went to a place called Ein Afek.  It's a nature reserve.  We saw these Great White Pelicans. They were very far away, but the zoom on my camera is pretty good.  Ein Afek is a bite sized place and many people brought their small noisy kiddos there.  We packed sandwiches and had a little picnic.  There was a nice vibe to the place.  I wish we hadn't forgotten our binoculars in Indiana.  Luckily, #1 son is coming for a visit in about a month and 10 days so he can bring the binoculars to us.

Our view as we had our picnic.  Quite a few fish swimming in here.  And we think we saw a turtle.


mm said...

Wow! Look at all of those pelicans..

LH said...

It was very neat to see them flying overhead. My pix of the flying overhead didn't turn out so great. They're very beautiful with black on the undersides of their wings.

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to this nature place. I wish we had more around here. It's only a little over a month away that Quinn is coming your way?? That's awesome.

LH said...

J, I'm so excited about his visit. Do you ever go to Goose Pond? It's a drive, but some cool birds down there.

KC said...

I can't wait to see the pix of Q in Haifa!

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