Monday, November 11, 2013

Bad for me?

Tr:  Rah Bishvili?

Coffee shop in the afternoon today.  Love that place.  When I sat down the young woman server asked me, "Big coffee?"
"Ken!" I answered.  (Tr:  Yes).
After an amount of time, I asked for another big coffee.  When she brought me the second coffee she said, "You love coffee."
"Ken! I really do," I told her.
"It's very bad for you," she said sadly, shaking her head.  It seemed a weird thing for someone who works at a coffee shop to say, so I just kind of murmured, "Oh. Well.  Ken."
After a bit of time, she brought me a complimentary piece of cake.  One could argue that a piece of cake isn't really good for me, but I didn't feel like arguing that point at that moment in time.  I just thanked her heartily in Hebrew and continued enjoying one of the most pleasant Mondays I can ever recall.


Anonymous said...

Pleasant Mondays...ahhhhh. Sounds wonderful!

mm said...

A free piece of cake... now that's how Monday should be...

Your FB picture of your cut showed brilliant red.. cameral or phone? If camera, what camera do you have?

LH said...

It was taken with my phone. The brilliant red of the blood was unfiltered. Iphone4.

It's weird to have great Mondays, but Monday is really like tuesday here. The weekend is Friday and Saturday. Kind of a nifty little change.

KC said...

Maybe the coffee lady's English isn't so good? Maybe she meant, "It's the best thing ever"?

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