Sunday, November 17, 2013

I said, "I want this feta and also emmentaler, please."

Tr:  Amarti, "Ani rotsa ze feta ve gam emmentaler, bevakasha."

Model of Jerusalem, circa 60.

I'm reading the second book in The Artist's Way series, a few pages a day before I get started on the article I'm attempting to write.  Many of the book's tenets don't apply to me since I'm not being an artist, but I want to read it, so I am. Today's chapter described the importance of letting ourselves do what we want to do.  We shouldn't let our projects turn into obligatory grinds.  Author Julia Cameron also writes that we shouldn't try to get better at things.

Easy peasy advice for the upcoming work week.
Don't be lame.  Just stay the same.


Judy Williams said...

I need to thank Julia Cameron for this piece of advice. I'm going to run with it.

mm said...

I should embrace the advice because it would make my life easier, but I'm not sure I agree with it.

LH said...

It's funny advice isn't it? The headspace meditation app I'm using every day talks about bringing a sense of effortlessness to your actions. I think it's a hard thing to do, but kind of good.

And Cameron says that when you get some idea that you want to do something different or impulsive, or distracting, it can be a sign that you need to do that thing, for your art. Not how I'm used to thinking about stuff, but kind of friendly.