Sunday, November 03, 2013

Istanbul, Day 8.

Last day in Istanbul.  Heading to an archaeological museum with 1 million objects.  I heard that they have so many artifacts that each visitor gets to pick one to take home.  I'm going to ask for a Byzantine bowl of some sort.

Went bike riding on Buyukada Island yesterday.  Horses meandered through twisty pine forests. Kind of neat to see them as we sped by on our breezy bikes.  I heard that each visitor gets to keep a baby horse.  Our horse will be sent back to Bloomington, fed ex. Probably most of you will see it again before I do.  Give it a little pat for me, lutfen.  (Lutfen means please).

Happiest Birthday to 20 Something.  She's really growing up.  I heard she's going to meet us at the airport in Haifa tomorrow and spend some time celebrating her birthday in Israel.  We'll share a halloumi salad down by the beach.  Can't wait to see her.

Wishful thinking on our final day in Turkey.

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KC said...

Happy birthday, R! She really is the coolest.