Thursday, November 07, 2013

For me, large latte and also cake please.

Tr:  Bishvili, latte gadol ve gam uga, bevakasha

Happy Republic Day, Turkey.  I arranged this boat show for you.
We're speaking in sentences peeps.  That's kind of an exaggeration, but we are trying to speak in sentences. Actually, we're practicing sentences alone in our apartment, but not yet speaking them when others are near. Still, huge step up.  You can go far with "thank you" as your primary vocabulary, but it's time to pump up the volume.  Our host country has been patient and helpful, but I'm ready to start throwing around some random Heblish expressions, to prove that we're not total slackers.  I've been texting Achyanit Yafeh (wonderful niece) who lives in Jerusalem and she's been extremely encouraging. I'm feeling pretty darned sababa right now my friends.
Your Body, My Body by Anish Kapoor.  Cruddy Picture, but I loved this .


cb said...

Asking for a large latte and cake is a great start. Once you've mastered that, you can slack in good faith.

Love the photos -- all of them but these in particular.


mm said...

I'm going to say knowing how to order a latte and cake seems impressive and important.

LH said...

Thanks, CB. We really had a fun time in Istanbul. I loved the Kapoor exhibit. It's there til January, if you want to come over. I can meet you there.

Thanks MM. I'm really pleased with myself on this.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. Good job on learning more of their language.

KC said...

Awesome job on the language acquisition. Seriously. Well done.

LH said...

I found a great web page with 67 Heblish lessons. The gal is a very good teacher.