Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Ma Shlome

Tr:  How are you (f)?

Trying to pump up my Heblish a bit.  In Greece and Turkey I was horrible with the languages.  It's funny to have conversations with someone where we're both speaking different languages, but somehow we get stuff done that needs to get done. Wild gesturing and plaintive facial expressions seem to help.  Still, I wish I had done better.  People appreciate it a lot when you throw out one of their words every once in awhile.

Today I declared an international holiday called "Read All Day Because You Need to Recover from Your Busy Bustling Week in Istanbul Day."  I declared it on twitter and I've heard several people are celebrating along with me.  Which is pretty awesome.

Today on the international holiday I read an interview with Toni Morrison.  That woman is remarkable.  I'm low motivation right now because Istanbul put me in the headlock and wrestled me down to the mat.  I'm also reading 4 books right now because I lack attention span.  I read a few pages of one and then move to the next one.  Usually when I do this, one of the books grabs me at some point and then I'm in like Flynn to the bitter end.  That hasn't happened yet though. They're all good books, but nothing's grabbing me and sending me into the vortex.  Because of the international holiday, I made some good reading progress and have decided it's okay not to be wowed all the time.  Just muggling along, doing my best, forgetting the rest.  Tomorrow my goal is to be more like Toni Morrison.  So I'll probably call it, "Act Like Toni Morrison and Actually Get Stuff Done Day."


mm said...

I wonder if I can get a day off school for this international holiday, so I can read. If not, I was able to read two chapters while on the treadmill tonight, but it's not the same.

Anonymous said...

Let's petition some important people and get this done.

LH said...

This holiday worked out really well for me. The Getting Stuff Done day didn't so much.

KC said...

I used to dream about going to Princeton to study with TM.

LH said...

KC, Wouldn't that be the best? In her interview she talked about how she works with undergrads and she thinks that's important. She's cool in every way.

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