Friday, November 01, 2013

Istanbul Day 6

Market street between the 2 bazaars.
 I'm a little bit wistful about missing Halloween.  I've got to pull that together and live in the moment.  I've got to do whatever it takes to get over my wistfulness about Halloween and not make excuses when I think about the costumes and the pumpkins and the candies.  I have been reading some education stuff lately and I keep reading No excuses.  Whatever it takes.  No excuses.  Going to try to incorporate that lameness into my blog post today.

Day 6 hasn't officially begun yet as we are still in jammies and drinking coffee. Going to do whatever it takes to get dressed and out the door.  No excuses.

But before I gear up to go, I must let everyone know that if you enjoy watching cats roaming free, you should come to Istanbul.  There are cats everywhere.  Every morning when we walk to the bus, we do a campus cat count.  Our highest count was 37 cats.  There's a trend in the data though because with each successive day, we've counted fewer cats. Yesterday, only 10 cats. So why is the data showing a negative trend? How can we get the cats to increase, rather than decrease?  We need these scores to go UP, people.  No excuses. We must do whatever it takes.
On the Bosphorus Tour.  Castle, Cafes.

I'm obsessed with that hedgehog from last night.  I don't think it was a long eared hedgehog, though the long ears  do live in Turkey.  It was some subspecies of middle eastern hedgehog, but I'm not sure which YET.  I'll keep working on the ID. I'll do whatever it takes.  No excuses.  That hedgehog will be known as no other has been known prior to this moment.

I'm not sure what's up today.  But I'm going to make the most of my day, doing whatever it takes and not making any excuses.  It's probably going to be a museum or two, a walk of some variety, and some tea.
Aya Sofia. 

Aya Sofia


KC said...

I can now rest assured that you're going to have a great day. I'm so relieved. And, I love the mantra.

Anonymous said...

I love to see cats everywhere. They make me feel relaxed. I saw a hedgehog here in Bloomington the other day while I was driving. I feel the same about hedgehogs that I do about squirrels. I'm still amazed at how any people there are in your pictures. When do you guys head back??

LH said...

Update on Day 6. Sorry to tell everyone this, but Istanbul has a traffic problem. The traffic can be a downer. We're finally home and it's time for a pleasant glass of wine. It took a very very long time to get home. Before the getting home pain in the neck, we had a lovely time at the modern art museum, then a walk on a cool street with shops and markets, then a visit to a contemporary museum with a very neat exhibit, then some tea in a little shop. So let's put the getting home stuff behind us.

JW, I don't think you saw a hedgehog in Bloomington. You are thinking of something else I'm pretty sure. This place is crowded, there's no doubt about it. We head back on Monday. 2 more days here. It's been wonderful.

mm said...

As usual, I loved your pictures... absolutely delightful.

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