Sunday, November 10, 2013

Katavti hayom.

Tr: I wrote today.
It's all very good learning to say sentences in Hebrew, but it doesn't really help much with the understanding when others speak their sentences.  Case in point.  Yesterday when we went to Ein Afek, the guard at the gate spoke to us and we could not understand him.  I offered my standard apology about only speaking english.  So the guy spoke in english, but I still couldn't understand and let me tell you...that is super embarrassing.  Finally, the third time he spoke, he held his hand on his gun and said slowly, "Do you have a weapon?"  I burst out laughing, "No!  Oh gosh no!  We have no weapons.  Weapons?  That's so funny." He didn't find my hilarity amusing and gestured us to move on into the park.  

On another fascinating topic, I feel like I'm in a little bit of a roll with the article writing. Feeling cheerful about this.  


mm said...

Yay for the article writing and complete Hebrew sentences... things are "rolling".

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the writing! Cheerfulness on this end for you! What's the word I am looking for...sababa!

Anonymous said...

That is indeed good news!!

LH said...

I am finally feeling in a groove with it. I think it's because the weather's cooled off and I'm walking in the mornings. That elevates my mood considerably. Happy Monday Dolls!

KC said...

Super glad about it. I will love to read your stuff!

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