Saturday, November 16, 2013

I saw the ramparts and I said, "Awesome!"

Tr: Raiti ha ramparts ve amarti "Sababa!"

We are back from a 2 day jaunt to Jerusalem and Gezer.  I have many fun stories about our trip, but I'm going to focus on photojournalism with this entry. I told Husbandman that I wasn't doing a good job with the writing tonight.  He said, "If they can't get it from the pictures, they're not really applying themselves."  So, please give careful attention to the following photojournalism.
Sculpture Garden at the Israel Museum.  This is Robert Indiana's Hebrew version of his LOVE sculpture.  Ahava.

Happily walked along the ramparts of the Old City's walls.  Come to find out, I' m a huge ramparts fan.

After descending from the ramparts, I got lost in the Old City.

I found my way out of the city, headed to our  rented apartment and chatted with Husbandman and best niece in the universe.  Note presence of washer and dryer in the background.

We looked for a taxi to get us to the most fabulous restaurant.  Taxi driver parked at the curb said, "Get in.  I will take you, but we have to wait for my wife.  She is getting cake in this shop.  You know how the cake is important to the women."  His wife didn't look super pleased to see us in the cab when she came out of the shop, but it all worked out.  Once the cab ride was over, we walked around the movie set world of the market and then feasted at Machneyuda.

Church of the Holy Cross, built in the 500's. The wood for Jesus's cross was grown in this valley.  At one sad picture, I commented to Husbandman about how the soldiers mocked Jesus on the cross.
Husbandman answered, "Well, I guess Jesus had the last laugh, didn't he?"
 Thanks to some new friends for taking us to this cool church. 

After lunch with my new friends, we toured their beautiful historic neighborhood.  

Headed to Kibbutz Gezer.  Great Shabbat dinner with College Chum and her kinfolk.  Dinner had an orange theme.  Delicious. Great conversation with the Halper generations.   Next morning we went birding. We saw plovers, cranes, egrets, herons, kingfishers, harriers, sparrowhawks, cormorants and even other birds. 

College Chum knows her birds. 
Softball game at the kibbutz.  Go TEAM GEZER!  (We won by a million).

Cheering from the sidelines, kibbutz style.
After a lovely lunch, we headed home.  As you can clearly see, we accomplished a lot and made every second count.
Now we're heading to the movies.  


Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Even though the pictures are super effective, I'm glad I had the writing to rely on, too. Looks like a perfect couple of days!

LH said...

Thanks, 20 Something! I put some energy into those fascinating captions. When you come here, we can walk on the ramparts together!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantabulous! I was really happy for you about the ramparts, but that washer and dryer was probably pretty awesome too!

mm said...

"A picture is worth..."

Judy Williams said...

Did your friend share her binocs?? I'm sitting here looking at it rain and trying to put together this iMovie. Let's see, which person would I rather be at this moment?!! How long of a drive is it to Jerusalem?

LH said...

J, she had 3 binos so that was fantabulous. What's your iMovie about???? Now I feel like making an imovie.

2 hours to Jerusalem.

KC said...

The captions were fascinating and full of your usual appealing and hilarious style.


Anonymous said...

I have one last photo to add tomorrow and then I'll put it on my google docs and give you the URL. You will not want to miss these firsties doing their thing.

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