Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Rogen

This Is the End is a fun movie.  You should see it if you want.  Goofy and amusing.  On a fist of 5, I'll give it a 5.  Or 4.5.  Either way, good stuff, imho.

I'm thinking about getting a dog when we get back from Israel.  Husbandman wants a lab.  I want a corgi, and I told him that a corgi is a good compromise dog.  "How's that a compromise?" he asked, surprisingly.

"It's a compromise because I really want a Savannah Cat," I replied.  He seemed to understand, then.
I looked up Corgi personality - fun, intelligent, loyal, but not a barker. I want the Cardigan corgi, not the Pembroke.  I think I'll name him/her Tuffy.


Anonymous said...

I feel as though I've been skeptical lately of a lot. But where did you find a website that says the corgi breed doesn't bark? I find that hard to believe...

LH said...

Shoot. Now I can't find that part. Maybe I mixed it up with some other dog. Maybe it was the lab that doesn't bark too much.

I may be back to the Savannah cat now.

mm said...

I'm with husbandman. Labs are the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Border terriers! Check out this Youtube.
They don't bark! And they're smart and playful and such a great size.

Sometimes I pretend that Mini is a border terrier.


LH said...

I really like those terriers. Here's one question I have though. The description of the breed says they will rule your house if you don't establish who's boss. I've never been good at doing that. I'm more the ---glad you're here, make yourself at home, do whatever you want---kind of host. So...I'm not sure the terrier's good for me.
But great faces. And I like their spunk.

Anonymous said...

I could help you with that because you know how well I've done with my dogs!!! :)

Sarah G said...

I'm glad to hear this is the end is a good movie. We thought about seeing it yesterday, but saw the interns instead. Very funny and heartwarming. It also made me want to be cool and techie enough to work at google.

KC said...

I can't wait for you to get a dog. I love my dog so much. He's a Westie mix. But, I think you should get a Bichon. I loved my Bichon.