Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thursday Creativity Share

Laura Letinsky
There's a fine exhibit of Laura Letinsky photographs at the Grunwald Gallery on campus.  If you want to know about her photographs, I think you should read the following quote.

She has begun a new series of photographs, still-lifes that explore the formal relationships between ripeness and decay, delicacy and awkwardness, control and haphazardness, waste and plenitude, pleasure and sustenance. 

That series of dichotomies basically sums up the struggles of my day to day, so that's why I like Laura Letinsky quite a bit and I give her art a 5 on a fist of 5. Husbandman says he enjoyed the exhibit but he gives it a 3.  I have no idea what's going on with Husbandman and Letinsky.  This artist works at the University of Chicago, so she's kind of a big deal.

On a lesser creative note, I'm thinking of having the Thirdlanders teach their First grade buddies to make these Frankensteins:
Thursday Creativity Share is a wrap once again.  Stunning photography on exhibit right here in our town.  Frankenstein Halloween craft that might or might not be made today.  Game on


nancy reynolds said...

We made your craft today! Thanks!!

mm said...

I love students helping students.

Anonymous said...

I think that would be a great craft! I might or might not have a witch's hat at school in the closet.

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