Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Looks

I'm not sure why but lunch count ends up being kind of a hassle every morning.  There are three choices and I ask Thirdlanders to stand for the choice they want.  Inevitably when it's all over, Thirdlanders want to change their order, or they tell me they forgot to stand up, or they ask me again what's for lunch.  I'm not sure why this has to happen each and every day, but it's just how it is.  Who am I to question?  Last week, I instituted a new procedure that doesn't really help with the problem, but it does make lunch count more entertaining.  I ask the Thirdlanders to strike a certain expression when they stand up for their lunch order.  If you're getting a grilled cheese sandwich, please stand and give me a grouchy glare.  If you're getting a veggie burger please stand and raise your hands with vim and vigor.  If you're getting spaghetti, please stand and stare at me with serious suspicion.  You get the picture.

Thirdlanders look around at their classmates with that familiar "This teacher is bonkers" kind of look, but as usual they accommodate my request and somehow the emotive lunch orders keep me cheerful as I fill out the lunch order form and then fill it out again.  And sometimes again.   Welladay.


mm said...

I did something new with attendance yesterday and received the same look. I still like to hear their voices to see how their day is going, so I still call out names. It's their responses I change up.

Anonymous said...

Lunch count, what?! We haven't don't that in ages-they just choose when they get there! But I love the idea of different expressions or responses. I am in on that one! How fun!

Anonymous said...

Way to spice it up!

KC said...

I'm picturing those kids not getting the lunch count right. It's always the things that should be easy that are really hard.

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