Friday, October 10, 2014

The Break

Last night we went to a wedding.   We've known Bride since she was in first grade and Groom since he was in utero.  We actually met Groom's mom in our LAMAZE class right before 20 Something appeared on the scene.  You know her as well, as the amazing One Woman.

I have pictures of the marrying splendids at 20 Something's birthday parties over the years. I have pictures of kids wrapping Andy up like a mummy at the Halloween themed party of 2nd grade. I have pictures of Liz shooting silly string at the kick back, hang out and watch movies party in 5th.

So come to find out, these 2 children grew up, fell in love and got married.  I couldn't think of anything to say when I hugged Andy in the receiving line.  I started crying and finally just blurted out, "You're too little."  which probably seemed kind of weird.  Little or not, we wish them happiness, costume parties and tons of silly string in their future.  Thanks for a fabulous fun fall evening, dolls.


Judy Williams said...

So sweet. Really.

Anonymous said...

I agree, so sweet.


mm said...

You always have such interesting photos!

KC said...

I love it. It's heartwarming. And, I think it was probably okay to blurt out some nostalgia for the groom's childhood.

LH said...

I really loved that wedding.

AND MM, I also love the CCC. I wish I could join it today.

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