Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Pirates

 We have a friend who sings sea shanties.  I popped in one of his CD's yesterday at the end of the day and the Thirdlanders flipped out.  We were singing along by the second line.  Thirdlanders were up out of their seats stomping like sea travelers of yore.

I'm starting to think that we may have been pirates in our earlier lives.  I was probably the head of the pirates because I appear to have a knack for getting these pirates to do my bidding most of the time.  You may think this all sounds pretty far fetched, but if you saw the transformation in Thirdland when the sea shanty started up, you would probably think I'm on to something.

On another note, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but come to find out, Halloween night is going to be cold and rainy.  Teacher pals, it's important to do as many fun Halloween things as you can this week since our beloved students might not have the best trick or treating experience.  I for one intend to look at Halloween ads with the thirdlanders to analyze how our choices are shaped by capitalism.  Thirdlanders are going to get a kick out of that.


KC said...

I'm thinking more sea shanties after the Halloween ads. But, I love the activity. We're doing some Halloweed madlibs this week, but I'm thinking maybe we should change the plan and discuss capitalism.

mm said...

Halloween and capitalism, oh, how I wish I was in your classroom. Perhaps you need a co-teacher.

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