Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Writing

Photo credit:  Thirdlander

Today's Writer's Wednesday, so let's sharpen the pencils my friends.

Today I'm going to write about Greensboro Four and how they stayed at the diner counter and wouldn't move.  We read Freedom on the Menu yesterday.  I don't like people telling me what to do, so I really connect with these brave protesters.

We saw a movie on Monday night.  The movie people at the Ryder Film Series decided to shift our Sunday night movie ritual over to Mondays.  Guess what, Ryder Film Series People?  We'll just go to the movies on Monday.  We don't even care.  We do what we want.  The movie was Venus in Fur.  A weird little movie if ever there was one.  You should see it if you want.


LH said...

Today a first grade friend asked me, "Are you going to work here next year?"

Yes, I am.

Then he asked me, "Are you going to work here until you die?

I told him, "Probably."

lee said...

Are you all watching Earth Flight on PBS? So good.

mm said...

I'm glad you blog about your incredible classroom.

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