Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Creativity Share

I like these photographs of someone walking around with a mirror briefcase and you might too.  The photographer is Rui Calcado Bastos.

I'd like to stay in this hotel room that's also an art exhibit called Asleep in the Cyclone.  It's in Louisville, so this is doable.

We talked about these pink and blue photographs in class this week.  Kind of wild.  We're looking for places and times where people mix up a bit.  More on that later.

Thursday Creativity Share.  Fun stuff.  A cool briefcase, a hotel room that's based on Drop City, and a blue-pink photograph that's kind of neat, kind of tense.  And let's not forget this other photo of a butterfly on my shoulder.  It's all so incredible.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your links! I'm learning so much!

KC said...

We are talking about gender next week. KK is in charge, so I found these photos online and sent her the article. Just another reason I just adore this blog so much.

mm said...

Thanks for the share. As always I found something I did not know.

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