Monday, September 08, 2014

The Coaster

Monday morning rears its head yet again.  Time to hop on the roller coaster with both eyes wide open.

Husbandman is home from France.  Yay Hooray. While in France, he ate some raw meat and he ate some stomach.  Now he's back to stir frying the veggies and tofu.

Brought #1 Son to the grocery store on Saturday night.  His main goal was to gather as much meat as he could.  Last night he came over for a bit.  He said he had eaten a pound of beef for dinner.

Basically, I'm surrounded by carnivores right now.  They're cute and caring in their normal lives, but where meat is concerned, they can be likened to aggressive predators.  Cold blooded killers. I hope I never get stranded on a snowy mountain peak with these 2 some day.  I'd be down to bones in no time.  Bones, people.  Bones.


mm said...

As for roller coasters, I love using the analogy whenever I can since I love roller coasters. Sometimes in class, I make all students get on the roller coaster. Students can choose hands in the air or hands on the bar, but everyone needs to get on. Everyone also needs to stay on (hands in air or on bar) until I am done talking. It helps me know that at least for a brief second, everyone is listening.

mar said...

Quinn's eating tastes sound a lot like David's. That kid would eat nothing but meat if someone else would cook it for him. He lived on bacon at your house!

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